5G Regulatory Drivers: Key Themes and Recommended Approaches for Regulators & Telcos

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5G Regulatory Drivers: Key Themes and Recommended Approaches for Regulators & Telcos


‘5G Regulatory Drivers: Key Themes and Recommended Approaches for Regulators & Telcos’, a new Global Outlook Reportthat analyzes the key regulatory themes around 5G. It also provides regulators, telcos, and vendors with guidance on the best practices and remedies related to these themes to support 5G development.

Several regulatory conditions must be improved to help achieve 5G’s ambitious potential. There is demand for improved and supportive regulations and policies ensuring: efficient spectrum resources in the mix of 5G-usable frequency bands; EMF regulations based on fact-based scientific findings and not hampering 5G rollouts; supportive regulatory environment for network sharing; and certainty on 5G security requirements and procedures.

It provides an in-depth analysis of the following –
– Section 1: Overview: 5G definition and standardization: this section details the 5G standardization timeline, and provides an overview of the use cases enabled by the technology. It also offers a snapshot of the scale of 5G commercial deployments (up to October 2019) and forecasted regional adoption figures.
– Section 2: The need for a supportive regulatory ecosystem for 5G development: this section reviews six key impediments to 5G development, ranging from the lack of adequate spectrum resources to the cost attached to network densification and stringent electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation regulations. It also provides summary initiatives that regulators, telcos, and other stakeholders can adopt to turn these impediments into drivers for 5G expansion.
– Section 3: Case studies: Deep dives into four of the 5G regulatory drivers. A case study is dedicated to each of these themes where we analyse the current state of play, identify best practices from regulators, telcos, vendors, and other relevant stakeholders and suggest remedies and initiatives relevant to each theme.
– Section 4: Key findings and recommendations: Provides key findings and recommendationskey into the establishment of a supportive regulatory environment for 5G and the initiatives that telcos can adopt in each of the themes to foster 5G development.


– The global 5G subscriber base will reach circa 2 billion by 2024 with growth heavily depending on how supportive the regulatory ecosystem can be.
– Regulators should work towards providing enabling conditions for the next wave of 5G services across multiple vertical sectors in areas including spectrum availability, EMF radiation regulations, infrastructure sharing, and cybersecurity frameworks for 5G networks.

Reasons to buy

– This global outlook report offers a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the key regulatory drivers to 5G development.
– The report describes the supportive regulatory conditions that would help achieve 5G’s full potential.
– It provides an overview of key 5G policy areas and analyzes potential improvements to be considered by telcos and regulators.
– The report’s objective is to help inform global industry executives’ decision-making process and approaches to dealing with the pressing 5G regulatory themes.
– It offers a set of best practices from regulators, telcos, vendors, and other relevant stakeholders and suggests remedies and initiatives relevant to each selected 5G regulatory theme.
– With twenty two exhibits, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, helping industry leaders gain in-depth knowledge into 5G key regulatory themes and related best practices.

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Authority for Consumers & Markets
Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications
GSM Association
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
International Telecommunication Union
World Health Organization

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