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Drones – Thematic Research


Over the past three to four years, the rapid proliferation of consumer electronics, the emergence of cloud technologies, the declining cost of server and bandwidth usage, the improving price-to-performance ratio of hardware components, and a dramatic rise in demand for a “bird’s-eye” view of the earth have steadily opened up the market for the civilian use of drones both as recreational devices, and in commercial applications. Stimulated by multifaceted themes, the maturing drones market promises lucrative business opportunities in the coming years – some of which are certain to drive significantly transform traditional business models.

As regulations mature, drones as a service (DaaS) providers are poised to take advantage of opportunities to offer industry-specific solutions, with interest in drone adoption growing in a number of key domains including drone delivery, drone-based internet services, disaster response, and medical assistance. As adoption grows, the market is becoming increasingly intense and competitive, with several leaders already emerging.

The ongoing development of the Internet of Things (IoT) combined with rising demand for drones among enthusiasts and enterprises – in addition to military organizations – is driving innovation in, and adoption of, drone technology. As the capabilities of drone technology improve on one hand, while the cost declines on the other, drones will become increasingly ubiquitous – playing an important role in the burgeoning IoT ecosystem. Inside this report, we look at the key trends in the drones industry, provide forecasts for market growth, and identify winners and losers.

The government sector (including the military) is the primary market for drones, followed by the consumer segment. Commercial applications of drones are gradually increasing, and many enterprises are seeking regulatory permits for full-scale deployment of drones in their day-to-day operations. This optimistic outlook for drones is driving intense competition in the market with many companies, both established players and start-ups, vying for a share in a market that is set to enjoy strong growth over the next five years. Technology giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Intel and Facebook are strengthening their focus on drone technologies as they look to cash in on the potential for drones to drive the transformation of traditional industrial operational systems and pave the way for Industry 4.0.


– This report provides an overview of the global drones market.
– It identifies the key trends driving growth in the drones industry.
– It provides a global market size and growth forecasts and identifies the leading players in the drones market.
– It includes analysis of the key technologies within drones, including discussion of major innovations.

Reasons to buy

– This report highlights the key trends impacting the drones market.
– It determines which companies are best positioned to succeed in a future filled with disruptive threats.
– It provides a look into the growth potential of the sector, and identifies recent technological developments and upcoming areas of interest.

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