Employee Benefits in Indonesia, 2020 Update

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Employee Benefits in Indonesia, 2020 Update


The Indonesian social security system comprises the provident fund system and social insurance system. Social security in Indonesia covers a small proportion of the population with minimal benefits. With effect from January 1, 2014, a new regime of national social security has been implemented in Indonesia to cover all employees and residents under one healthcare system by 2019, as well as one employment benefits system by 2029. Under the new system, Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (BPJS) Healthcare (BPJS Kesehatan) will administer healthcare benefits and BPJS Employment (BPJS Ketenagakarjaan) will administer employment benefits, which cover against the risks of old, age, death, occupational accidents, and diseases. The employee benefits market in Indonesia is expected to register robust growth, as the country’s government is planning to be one of the world’s six largest global economies by 2030 as part of its long-term strategy.

The report provides in-depth industry analysis, information and insights of the employee benefits in Indonesia, including: overview of the state and compulsory benefits in Indonesia, detailed information about the private benefits in Indonesia, insights on various central institutions responsible for the administration of the different branches of social security and the regulatory framework of the employee benefits in Indonesia.

Key Highlights

– The Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (BPJS) Healthcare (BPJS Kesehatan) will administer healthcare benefits and BPJS Employment (BPJS Ketenagakarjaan) will administer employment benefits.
– A person’s national insurance contribution is determined based on their income.
– An insured person who is unemployed or unable to work and whose benefits have been exhausted is entitled to credited contribution.
– In Indonesia, employers provide voluntary retirement benefits to their employees through deferred annuity plans.


This report provides a detailed analysis of employee benefits in Indonesia –
– It offers a detailed analysis of the key government-sponsored employee benefits, along with private benefits
– It covers an exhaustive list of employee benefits, including retirement benefits, death in service, long-term disability benefits, medical benefits, workmen’s compensation insurance, maternity and paternity benefits, family benefits, unemployment, long-term care benefits, leave and private benefits
– It highlights the economic and regulatory situations relating to employee benefits in Indonesia

Reasons to Buy

– Make strategic decisions using in-depth information related to employee benefits in Indonesia.
– Assess Indonesia’s employee benefits market, including state and compulsory benefits and private benefits.
– Gain insights into the key employee benefit schemes offered by private employers in Indonesia.
– Gain insights into key organizations governing Indonesia’s employee benefits, and their impact on companies.

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